What is Bloom's Tea

We are a two-people team with a deep love for Japanese Teas that decided to share their passion with the world. We introduce the highest-quality unique powder and loose leaf teas and invite you to explore the culture that goes beyond just matcha.

  • bloom's tea matcha powder

    Ceremonial Matcha

    The highest-grade 

    Ceremonial Matcha with distinct Umami, bight green colour and natural sweet notes.

  • Houjicha

    This fine powder has a unique toasty flavour with a subtle sweetness made of premium green tea and expertly roasted to perfection.

  • Sencha

    Traditional Japanese tea leaves with a well-balanced flavor of sweetness, bitterness, and moderate astringency.

  • Genmaicha

    High-grade sencha tea leaves blended with roasted Genmai (brown rice), adding a pleasant roasted aroma and refreshing taste.

  • Houjicha

    Houjicha is a type of Japanese green tea leaf with a unique light brown color that comes from an additional hot roasting step to bring out its pleasant aroma.

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Make Your Own Tea Latte

  • Step 1

    Put 2 teaspoons (around
    5-6 grams) of powder into
    an appropriate size bowl.
    *put more tea powder for
    stronger taste

  • Step 2

    Whisk the tea powder with
    50 grams of hot water until
    the foam is formed. Try your
    best to avoid chunks of
    powder in it.

  • Step 3

    Pour the tea into any
    milk you like and enjoy
    your tea latte! Optional: can add some sweetener of your choice.

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May 24 - Tea Tasting Event

Join our Tea Tating event that will take place at Bloom Cafe!

You’ll get a chance to try all our teas, explore our new products, ask any questions you have and enjoy the delicious pastries at Bloom Cafe.

  • FREE Tea Tasting
  • New Limited Products
  • Gift sets
  • Cozy music and vibes
  • Q&A about our teas

Our event is going on happen at Bloom Cafe (596 Yonge St) on May 17!

Grab your gifts, indulge in our delicious tea and pastry and enjoy the cozy spring vibes!

Looking forward seeing you all!