What is Bloom tea?

Hello! We are a two-people team with the deep love for high-quality Japanese Tea Powders and Loose Leaf Teas that decided to share their passion with the world.

We are Bloom’s Tea.

My name is Vera!

I’m behind the Bloom’s Tea Marketing, Branding and everything you see in the digital space.

When my co-founder, knowing my love and curiously about Japanese culture, approached me with the idea to introduce his heritage to Western community - I didn’t hesitate for a second.

My co-founder introduced me to the wide world of premium Japanese Tea Powders that he meticulously exports directly from Japan, making me fall in love more and more with the traditions, rituals of tea preparing and, of course, all the new flavours I’ve discovered.

While staying true to the origins, our goal became to explore all the creative ways to use the tea powders: learn and share all the special drinks you can make, all the baking and cooking recipes and more.

The ritual of whisking the tea, the aroma of the powder being dissolved in hot water, the bitter taste with sweet notes mixed with milk - Bloom’s Tea is here to share with you all these moments that became so precious to me.

What makes us special

Our goal is to introduce the wide variety of delicious Japanese Teas that go beyond just matcha. The undiscovered flavours, unique health benefits, the healing routine of tea brewing and exciting experiments - this is Bloom’s Tea.

Bloom’s Tea is about embracing the traditions with the open heart. We proudly sell the highest quality ethically sourced original tea powders and encourage trying new things while staying true to the origins.

Let’s get creative together! Have you ever tried floral Jasmine Tea Powder or rich and bold Assam Tea Powder? Have you ever made your cheesecake with Houjicha Powder?